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System Water Treatment

STB Winter Division

The water that circulates in a heating system, by its nature and due to its biochemical composition, corrodes and generates scaling.
The quality of water in technological system circuits is essential in preserving the functionality of its components and guaranteeing maximum efficiency. In order to maintain various essential parameters unaltered, prevent problems with components and maintain high system performance, STB proposes a range of products designed and built to physically treat the water, eliminating the majority of impurities posing a risk to system performance.

The SD dirt separator series is made completely of stainless steel and thanks to its filtration method, traps the majority of suspended solids in the circuit.
To eliminate the iron oxide created by the corrosion of distribution lines, a simple yet efficient system has been developed, consisting in a range of SM iron removal filters. STB offers the possibility to equip its domestic hot water systems and water storage tanks with a UV disinfection and purification system, designed to eradicate all micro-organisms inside the tank that may prove harmful to human health, acting as a catalyst for the corrosion process.

Water treatment products

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stb lastrico genova