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Heat exchange

STB Winter Division

STB produces a complete range of heat exchangers for all technological systems in which they are used, in both residential and industrial contexts, able to satisfy all types of needs.

The range of SRS vertical type shell and tube exchangers, produced for more than thirty years, are distinguished by their use of a finned copper tube wound in a spiral, allowing high output levels and guaranteeing long-lasting reliability over time.
Thanks to extensive knowledge in the heating sector and the technical construction expertise of its operators, STB produces all types of shell and tube exchangers according to specific client requirements.

STB boasts a complete range of plate heat exchangers with gaskets in the SP series, which guarantee a high exchange rate on contained surfaces, maximising system productivity while at the same time optimising costs. The modular construction ensures broad flexibility in various fields of application, while also facilitating maintenance.

Thermal Exchange products

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stb lastrico genova