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Wide range of products ranging from plate heat exchangers, pipe bundles, defrosting filters, accumulators, sanitary water preparation, de-aspiration filters, UV disinfection systems, flue pipes and all types of stainless steel machining, both to the national market to the outside world.

Our productive flexibility allows us to offer the customer, in special installation situations or where there are accommodation issues, the ability to have any product built and tailor-made to optimize every need for installation..
All this at no extra cost.

S.T.B. it can boast a group
of specialized technicians who puts it
at the disposal of the knowledge company
and professionalism..

Quality, service, reliability, efficiency.


Via Emilia 40R
16138 Genova - Italia
Tel. +39 010 8369640 - Fax +39 010 8352974
P.Iva 03102090101
Registration of Companies Register: 19-02-1996 GE025-52003

GENERAL: stblastrico@stblastrico.com
BILLING: monicacappelletti@stblastrico.com
BOLLS AND SHIPMENTS: eleonoramorando@stblastrico.com
PEC: info@pec.stblastrico.com