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Presented since 1978 in the world of thermo-hydraulics S.T.B. can boast a large experience in the construction of a wide range of products like plate heat exchangers, tube bundle exchangers, dirt separators, accumulators, Health water preparation, UV disinfection systems, steel pipes and all types Stainless steel processing, both for the domestic and foreign markets.

The company's main feature is the constant search for solutions that lead to customer satisfaction while ensuring the utmost attention in pre-sales and ensuring the best functionality of its products.

The quality of the materials used and the professionalism of the staff make production extremely reliable and lasting over time.
Our productive flexibility allows us to offer the customer, in special installation situations or where there are room for improvement, the ability to have any product built and tailor-made to optimize any installation need. All this at no extra cost.

Its family-run business allows you to always have direct contact with the property so that the answers are always timely and the waiting times are very limited. As for the S.T.B. It can boast a group of specialized technicians who provide the company with knowledge and professionalism.


For more than thirty years, S.T.B. has been committed to the design and development of domestic and industrial heating products.


Famous for its shell and tube and plate exchangers, over the course of the years the company has amplified its range of products, developing flue pipes, storage heaters, hot water preparation units, boilers and all types of stainless steel works, including dirt separators, which are the company’s flagship product. The constant focus by S.T.B. on the quality of materials used ensures all products are developed with maximum attention to detail, guaranteed to last over time.


The distinguishing feature of S.T.B., highly appreciated in particular in Liguria and throughout northern Italy, is the constant search for solutions able to guarantee maximum client satisfaction. The fast delivery, transportation and on-site assembly of its products represent only a fragment of the services that S.T.B. offers its clients. The large, fully equipped machine shop allows any product in stainless steel to be developed according to client specifications, thus ensuring the solution most compatible with the client’s needs without wasting time or making system modifications.


The fact that the company is family run means clients always have direct access to the owners, ensuring prompt response times and the shortest possible waiting times.

On the development side, S.T.B. boasts a group of highly specialised technicians, who offer the company their knowledge and professionalism.
The large and well-equipped workshop allows to customize any stainless steel product, so that the customer may have
the solution that best suits your needs without losing time to modify the type of plant.